Terms & Conditions

Fresh Blood is the name of the Drop Dead talent search for new up and coming or professional Designer, Photographers and Models. You will not actually be giving blood, but “Giving Blood” means in terms submitting your work to the talent search.


Who can give blood?


  • You must be 16+ to give blood.
  • Photographers/Designers and Models are able to donate their work to Fresh Blood.
  • You do not have to be a professional, we aim to support up and coming talent as well as freelancers and professionals.
  • You can only submit your own work that you own all rights too. If you have worked on a collaboration on the images or design work, you must make sure all parties consent to featuring the work on Fresh Blood or Drop Dead.


Designers – Make sure your submission is unique and original to you. We do not want any copies of others work that could be seen as a breach of copyright. If you are using imagery in your design make sure you have permission for using all imagery and artwork. Drop Dead are not responsible for copyright disputes with others if your work is featured breaching these terms.


Models – The submission must be a clear photographer of yourself. We do not accept submissions including nudity or explicit adult imagery. You must make sure you have permission to use the image if it has been taken by a photographer or individual.


Photographers – You must make sure that if your photographer features a model or individual you have consent to use them for Fresh Blood. As this could image could then be featured on Drop Dead and Fresh Blood.


The Donation Process


How to Donate Blood?


  • To submit your work to Fresh Blood you visit “Give Blood.
  • To understand the procedure click into the video featured on the “Procedures” page.
  • You can filter between submissions from Designers/Models/Photographers work on the Filter page.
  • Top Specimens feature the most popular submissions.
  • Make sure to fill in your Social handles in the submission form to show your work to the world of Fresh Blood.
  • You will have to sign up as a user to the Fresh Blood website before submitting your work.
  • You are able to sign up as a user to Fresh Blood without submitting any work. We’d like to create a community therefore even if you are not submitting work it would be great for you to join Fresh Blood.
  • Everyone that signs up as a user on Fresh Blood will automatically be added to the Drop Dead and Fresh Blood newsletters, therefore is accepting marketing from Drop Dead and Fresh Blood.
  • As soon as your work has submitted to Fresh Blood you have given Drop Dead and Fresh Blood rights to use your submissions/work on their website or marketing channels, such as social media and newsletter.


After you’ve Donated Blood?


  • You may donate as much blood as you want.
  • If Drop Dead would like some more donations from the user they will be contacted through email, or an official Drop Dead social media channel. If you are contacted make sure it’s from an official Drop Dead account or employee before you send out any other work.
  • Not all work will be featured on the Fresh Blood site so make sure you donate work that reflects your best work.
  • Users can comment and like other users work, however we have the rights to remove any negative comments.
  • Users can be removed from Fresh Blood if they are spamming the site or verbally abusing any other users.